Meet our dynamic team

Lilian, Founder and Creative Design

Delving into the artistry of crafting exquisite bridal bouquets and wedding decor is an expression of my passion for   transforming ordinary moments into   extraordinary memories. The delicate   balance of colors, textures, and the ability to infuse personal touches into every arrangement fuels my enthusiasm, allowing me to contribute a touch of floral magic to the cherished moments of couples embarking on their journey of love.”

Christabelle, Photography & Social Media

“Immersing myself in the enchanting world of wedding decor brings me joy as I relish the opportunity to transform spaces into visual poetry, creating a tapestry of love and celebration.”

Josephine, Planning & Events Coordinator

“I find great joy in meticulously planning and coordinating all the aspects of these cherished events. By ensuring that each detail is thoughtfully considered, I know this will enhance their memories as they reflect on the significance of this day, through the success of their union.